"I do this really annoying thing when I’m watching telly where I’ll sit there trying to pull out a hair from my beard. She [Missy] finds that very annoying. I don’t blow my nose when it’s running. I eat with my mouth open. I’ve got as many bad habits as anyone else.
I also do loads of funny voices and characters that all the kids in my family have grown up with. It’s a side of me that’s never been very public. The older ones would be mortified if I transformed into a character now."
- Damon Albarn | TIme Out London - Apr. 2014

Updates: April 20, 2014

  • Damon will perform on Jools Holland April 29, 10pm UK time, more info here
  • Short new Damon interview in -> Esquire Latin America (in Spanish)
  • Interview with Jessica Albarn (Damon’s sis) starts 1 hr 39 min. in on this -> BBC Bristol radio program and she has some nice stories about their childhood together and when Damon started being famous. There’s also some mentions in this -> article too and Jessica has an art show coming up in Bristol if anyone is interested (details in that last link).
  • P.S. since my work has been keeping me super busy lately I’ve had to post Damon news on our twitter and facebook pages first from my mobile. The tumblr app just never works great for me. So if you want Damon news asap please follow on twitter or like our fb page. I’ll get back to posting things first on here in the next couple weeks as this is still our main page. Thanks!
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